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Interesting D&R Case Studies

We like case studies. They demonstrate how well a company solves problems and helps its customers achieve their goals. We’ve included some of our own case studies here for your review. If one of these triggers a question, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

A “Clean” Rigging Tale

Relocating a medical manufacturing line from Italy to a new factory in Burlington, MA was no easy task. The line was to be housed inside a clean room located below grade with no ramp or elevator. Low ceiling clearance complicated lowering the machines from the balcony above the pit.
D&R Riggers & Movers developed an innovative staging plan to sling and lower the machines part way onto cribbing, and then re-sling the machines to lower them the rest of the way. This resulted in another challenging clean-room installation completed by our experienced rigging team!

A “Hot” Rigging Tale

D&R Riggers & Movers were asked to provide customer rigging services to relocate a large walk-in oven from one area in the customer’s factory to another. The massive size of the oven presented a challenge because of tight clearances within the plant. However, at 6,000 pounds, it was not especially heavy and could be pushed by hand using Steerman rigging skates. Despite a narrow doorway, the oven was able to be moved in one piece, minimizing production down time and moving expense.

Plant Relocation

D&R Riggers & Movers was selected to relocate this Manchester, NH window and door manufacturing plant into a new 600,000 square foot plant. Our expert blend of office, industrial, and machinery moving was exactly what was needed to orchestrate a carefully planned two-year schedule to reduce production downtime.

We planned all daily manpower and equipment requirements to move 14 production lines, maintenance, parts, raw materials, and office areas. Crews ranged daily up to 18 riggers and movers with all support equipment. The company reported no claims, no lost production, and the move was finished on budget.

Also, a spray booth was originally scheduled to be disassembled and reassembled at a new location at a cost of $50K in addition to weeks of lost production time. We were able to move the spray booth in one piece by custom designing and fabricating a steel angle iron skid on site and removing the booth through the wall of the building. It was loaded and transported as a 16′ wide load from Manchester, NH to the new location in Londonderry, NH.

Jacquard Looms Relocation

This long-term client requested relocation of multiple new and existing Jacquard Looms into a new location. Moving Jacquard looms ordinarily requires removing the Jacquard head from the mezzanine and harness, requiring many hours per loom to rethread the harness. However, by using creative rigging techniques to move the Jacquard head, mezzanine, and harness intact, we significantly reduced downtime.

Thinking Outside the Box

D&R Riggers & Movers was invited to bid on a machinery crating project requiring the crating, packaging, and international shipping of a large spin testing chamber. The size and weight of the main chamber presented some crating challenges. Additionally we learned that three identical machines were on order and would also need crating and international shipping overseas. An oversized 12′ wide standard heavy timber skid could have been utilized, but D&R felt there was a better solution.

We suggested the idea of fabricating a skid made of steel I-beams with wood nailers and a steel deck that could be split into two 6′ wide sections. Once the machine was crated and delivered, the skid could be easily disassembled into two 16′ x 6′ sections and returned to the U.S. for reuse (along with the technicians’ tools) in a 20′ container.

A separate isolation skid was built for the sensitive electronic controls (details shown in slide 4) and additional equipment was skidded, barrier-wrapped, and vacuum-sealed. Since the customer’s facility lacked a dock, we forklifted the units to a tilt-bed Landoll and used that as a dock for loading these items into a 40′ overseas container.

Our customer loved the concept and based on this innovative, outside-the-box solution, awarded us the contract.

Machinery Crating for Overseas Shipment

When this international company closed one of its Massachusetts plants and redistributed machinery and equipment to five other locations, including internationally, D&R handled the entire move, including custom crating for international shipment.

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We hope that these case studies demonstrate how well we solve problems. Is there a D&R study you’d like to share or do you have any questions for us? Feel free to reach out. Thank you for your interest in, and support of, our business.