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New England’s Best Office Movers

D&R Riggers & Movers is the office-moving expert in New England. For more than 65 years, we’ve serviced the Boston MA, Nashua NH, and Manchester NH areas.

Planning and executing the relocation of your business from one facility to another is a complicated undertaking. It requires comprehensive office relocation services, many specialized skills and a high level of knowledge and experience. Whether moving across town, to another state or establishing an international presence, a lot goes into relocating your business. We measure the success of your move based upon tangible factors. Specifically, we guarantee that we’ll finish on time, within budget and allow your business to continue without interruption. Make the transition of an office move easy with expert assistance from D&R.

A Residential Mover Simply Won’t Do

Unlike typical moving companies that are more equipped for residential moves, D&R Riggers and Movers has the specialized commercial experience and equipment needed to accomplish even large-scale office moves. We can handle multiple office moves concurrently without impacting the quality of the move, offering you greater efficiency and cost savings.

When working with the experienced team at D&R, you’re guaranteed to have a great office-moving experience at every stage of the process:

  • A commercial consultant meets with you, reviews your goals and objectives, and provides a complete relocation plan encompassing all phases of your move.
  • A complete floor plan of your move is prepared, mapping out all locations and steps in the process so that everyone will know what to expect and your furniture and equipment will move seamlessly.
  • A professional and friendly commercial relocation coordinator is available to assist you throughout the planning and moving processes. They will cover every step of your move. They will answer your questions, understand your instructions and organize your job.
  • A seasoned commercial foreman oversees your office movers, ensuring that an efficient, professional, and cost-effective job is performed.
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We’re Office Movers with Years of Experience

Our commercial movers have many years of experience moving offices just like yours. They understand that time lost is money wasted. Our goal is to provide you with the best office moving experience possible. Your job will be completed with maximum cost efficiency and minimum downtime. Even if you are looking to move your entire business – including machines, manufacturing floors, industrial equipment – D&R Riggers & Movers can help.

Office Moving without Interruption

What if you need your offices moved while production continues? Our experienced office movers are able to provide you with personalized solutions, including multi-phase relocations and complex problem solving tailored to your specific needs. If you choose, we can manage the entire move process for you, so you can continue to focus on production.

See What We’ve Done for Other Businesses

Are you still unsure about choosing the best office movers for your job? Take a look through our case studies. You’ll quickly see how we’ve served other businesses with similar goals as you.

“Your company recently moved my agency here in Concord. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of your firm. The move went exactly as discussed. The men were all very agreeable yet moved quickly and efficiently. My entire staff was most satisfied with how well the move took place and that everything was placed in the correct location in a large office space.”-R.D., Concord, NH